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TK ChildLock! 1.0

No Image imit an user`s log on or log off times. Define when users can log on to your PC. If a specified user is already logged on your system on a non-logon-time, it is possible to log him off automatically. I.e. parents can control their children, so that they cannot be logged on to the computer after 7 p.m. So the parents can be sure their children don`t surf on the internet at night. If the children are already logged on at 7 p.m., after a specified countdown

XpoLog Log Management and Analysis 3.7: Log management platform that automates problems detection during testing
XpoLog Log Management and Analysis 3.7

XpoLog log management and analysis platform generates usage reports on applications logs from production, helping testers to understand how the applications are used, and where to focus the testing efforts. Discovery of errors during testing, snapshots of logs and environments comparison are only a fragment of XpoLog`s features. Optimizing software quality and cleaning errors from the logs increase production success and solve problems faster

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Apex SQL Log 2011.03: ApexSQL Log is a database auditing and recovery solution
Apex SQL Log 2011.03

log backups. Read not just the online log or detached LDFs but transaction log backups too. - Find all operations within a transaction. Selectively view, undo, or redo one or all operations in a transaction. - Smart Resource Detection. Application can automatically identify the most optimal resource to use for transaction log reading for better speed and performance. - Repeatable sessions through Projects. Save your data source and filter selections

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WMS Log Analyzer 4.62: Log Analyzer for analysis Microsoft Windows Media Services server raw log files.
WMS Log Analyzer 4.62

WMS Log Analyzer visitor activity analysis application for your Microsoft Windows Media Services. Unlike other analyzers, WMS Log Analyzer has been designed especially for analyzing WMS log files and supports the entire set of WMS log file data and provides the best and most complete analysis of these files. This analyzer create "multilevel" and cross-linked reports. It allows you to dig as deep into your log files as you need to.

log analyzer, files, services, media, windows, windows media services, analyzer, analysis

Log2Stats 1.6: An easy to use yet powerful tool to get your web site stats from the log files
Log2Stats 1.6

Log-to-Stats is a modern web analytics software that parses log files from a web server, and based on the values in the log files, generates stats about who, when and how a web server is visited. Log files are parsed into a proprietary database optimized for web site stats. Later you can generate any reports by demand. Using our program you can easily convert your server log files to web traffic stats on accessed site`s resources, visitors` activity

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ApexSQL Log 2014.02: SQL Server auditing and recovery tool. Read transaction log and undo commands.
ApexSQL Log 2014.02

ApexSQL Log, SQL Server Transaction Log reader, lets you view transaction log data, audit SQL database changes and undo SQL database changes. ApexSQL Log reads SQL Server 2005 ,2008, 2012 and 2014 transaction logs. Determine who changed data and when the change occurred. Read the transaction log to find out who created, changed or dropped a database object.

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LogRover 2.1: LogRover - Advanced web server log file analyzer with comprehensive reporting
LogRover 2.1

LogRover is an advanced web log file analyzer that analiyzes log files generated by IIS, Apache and other web servers. LogRover generates reports of page hits, sessions, visits, visitors, search engine referals, and session times. LogRover is database driven so it can generate interactive, on-demand reports as well as scheduled reports. LogRover supports clustered servers and features advanced reporting of search click-thru statistics.

apache, iis statistics, log analyzer, web statistics, web log analyzer, web log, webtrends, log file analysis

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